About Biofuels: Bioheat and Biodiesel

United Metro Energy's Clean Fuels - Bioheat & Biodiesel

Clean Fuels

Clean fuel improves our air quality by significantly reducing carbon dioxide, sulfur, and particular matter, which in turn, makes homes, buildings and trucks run cleaner and more efficiently. United Biofuels™ is the largest and most efficient seller and distributor of bioheat and biodiesel in the New York Metropolitan Area.

Biofuels - Clean, Renewable Fuels

Biofuels are made from natural, renewable feedstocks which are then combined with traditional heating oil or diesel fuel. There are different “B” blends based upon the ratio of biofuel to oil. For example, a B5 biofuel is 5% feedstock and 95% traditional heating oil or diesel fuel. A B20 biofuel is 20% bio and 80% traditional heating oil or diesel fuel. Biofuels range from a B2 all the way up to B100. Ultimately, the higher the percentage of bio, the more efficient, greener, cleaner energy source you will be using to heat your home or fuel your engine. Biodiesel is a 100% renewable fuel that contains zero sulfur and greatly reduces air emissions

Greener & Cleaner!
This greener, cleaner fuel is available now, requires no modifications to your current system, helps create jobs, and can save you money with New York State tax credits.

In 2006, United Biofuels™ earned the coveted BQ-9000 Certified Marketer designation from The National Biodiesel Accreditation Program, due to its commitment to a rigorous adherence to quality production and high performance standards, United Metro is dedicated to making clean heating and transportation fuel energy solutions available in order to keep our nation competitive and vibrant.

Waste grease from New York City restaurants can be a direct, local, and reliable feedstock source for United Biofuel’s biodiesel processing facility. Through partnerships, United Biofuels will recycle one of New York City’s largest local renewable energy resources – waste restaurant cooking oil – into biodiesel.

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